Details: My Second Pregnancy

In case you missed our little announcement from Monday, here it is.

Wow! It really does feel so good to have this news out in the open. It’s been hard sitting on this secret for so long–there have been so many moments where I’ve almost accidentally let the cat out of the bag on social media…I think I can thank my pregnancy brain for that. Which has been SO bad this time around. I don’t think pregnancy brain set in for me until I was well into my second trimester the last time around, but I have been a space cadet right off the bat with this one.


There have been a lot of things that have been very different with my second pregnancy vs. my first–a few of them I expected, a few came as a surprise to me.

Morning Sickness: When I was pregnant with Joshua I was hardly sick at all. Occasionally I would feel a little bit queasy, but it was easy to keep in check as long as I ate small, frequent meals. Nausea never kept me down with my first pregnancy. I thought I was one of those lucky ones who just doesn’t get very sick. This time however I have been SO SO sick. It’s been a rough go having to take care of a toddler when the only time I don’t feel like I’m going to vomit is when I’m laying down. Due to that, there has been a lot of Netflix happening for Joshua and for myself. Poor boy. He’s been going a little stir crazy being cooped up at home with momma.


We had a miscarriage scare: With Joshua, I never so much as cramped or spotted a single time. Miscarriage never even crossed my mind with my first pregnancy–partly because at that time I didn’t know how common it was. I didn’t have any friends who had miscarried and no one I knew ever talked about it. I now have a lot of close personal friends who have miscarried recently, so it was definitely heavier on my brain this time around.

This pregnancy, I’ve spotted every so often. Which was so foreign to me, considering I never did with my last pregnancy. It didn’t concern me too much as the spotting was mostly brown–old blood. No cause for alarm. However, last week I had a big scare. While I was siting on the couch, Joshua had climbed up onto the windowsill above our couch and then jumped off and landed full force right on my abdomen. Which hurt. Bad. I didn’t think anything else of it until I used the bathroom right before going to bed that night and discovered my toilet paper was streaked with blood. I tried not to freak out–after all, bleeding without cramping isn’t usually cause for alarm. Then the cramping started. It was late at night, so there wasn’t much I could do except wait for morning when I could make a visit to my doctor’s office. I cried myself to sleep worrying whether or not I was going to still be welcoming a baby into our home in June.

The next morning I visited the doctor’s office so the nurse could use the fetal monitor to check for a heartbeat. She moved the sensor all over my abdomen. 5 minutes passed and she couldn’t find a heartbeat. I was panicking, trying to keep my breathing under control. She told me not to worry too much, that it was pretty common for her to not be able to find a heartbeat with the fetal monitor before 12 weeks. She excused herself to get the portable ultrasound.

And so I waited in silence, totally afraid of what was going to happen next, offering silent prayers to God, pleading with Him that our baby would be okay. The nurse came back with the ultrasound and a tech in tow. They placed the sensor on my belly. I held my breath. And then the most beautiful sight, followed by the most beautiful sound.

Our baby was in there. Heart beating away rapidly. Relief washed over me. I always loved hearing the sound of Joshua’s heartbeat when I was pregnant with him. It was pretty cool. But this time around, that heartbeat meant so much more to me. And even though the experience of bleeding, cramping, and worrying I would lose my baby was super scary and it sucked really bad, I’m glad it happened. It has made me a million times more grateful for this pregnancy and it has given me empathy for other women who have been in that position. In a way, it was really connecting for me to have been in that place.

Wow, that was long. Sorry. Moving on. :)

Fatigue: As I expected, I’m a lot more fatigued this time. When I was pregnant with Joshua I had the luxury of sleeping in and taking naps during the day, but this time I haven’t. I still have to entertain and care for my oldest child, so I just have to assume the role of zombie for a while…

Maternity clothes: I didn’t have to wear maternity pants until I was almost 20 weeks with Joshua. This time however, I started wearing them around 10 weeks. I’m still not showing a whole lot, but my regular pants were way too uncomfortable for me to bother with–plus, they started giving me a muffin top while the panel in maternity pants smooths everything for me . Since I already had a few pairs of maternity pants, I figured, why the heck not? :)

I also feel like I have a much better understanding of what flatters me when I’m pregnant and what my body is like postpartum, so it’s been easier for me to choose clothes that will flatter me now, when my bump is bigger, and once baby is born. I’ve been choosing clothing that I’ll still love to wear even when I’m not sporting a bump. I’m a bit smitten with this open back sweater. :)



Sweater: c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Pants: c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Boots: Target
Bracelet: Rocksbox

So there you go! Those are the differences I’ve noticed so far. I’m excited to share this journey to expanding to a family of 4 with you!

What exciting things are happening in your life right now? :)

The Creative Closet | Just Add a Belt

First of all, thank you so much for your sweet words of congratulations on our big news! Second, I’m almost wishing this prompt had come a little later so I could use my belt to really show off a sweet baby bump like Maegen is today. Alas, I haven’t really popped yet.


Okay, how classy does our co-host, Jaelan, look today? I am totally smitten with her take on today’s theme! 

And seriously, how fun is this chalk wall? It’s just a hop skip and a jump away from our apartment and I have been dying to use it for photos for months now! I finally feel like I had the perfect outfit to use this wall as a backdrop. The belt is the exact same one I used in my outfit last week–I’ll be honest, this is my only “cool” belt.  But gold is a great neutral, so I get a lot of use out of it.



Dress: c/o Ruby Bloom Boutique (sold out in Black, but there’s a navy one!)
Cardigan: Target (similar on sale!)
Belt: Target
Boots: old BCBG (similar)
Necklace & Earrings: Rocksbox

I’m excited to see your belted looks, babes!

Remember, we’re kicking off our prompts for December next week starting with Holiday Sparkle! Whatever you use to bring the bling around the holidays, it’s time to show it off!

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A Little Announcement

We’ve been sitting on this since September, so it’s fun to finally have it out in the open!


Baby Tolman #2 is expected to join our family in early June! More details coming on Wednesday. :)

Also, here’s a little reminder that the Jamberry Nails for a Cause Event is TONIGHT on Facebook! If you missed this post  about how I’m using Jamberry to change the life of an impoverished family, please read it. I need YOUR help to reach our goal!

5 Tips for Preventing Stress During the Holidays

Hi, lovely people! My name is Hayley and I usually hang out over at my spot, A Beautiful Exchange, but am here to share a few tips for my favorite time of year–the holiday season! I hope they are great reminders for you! Learn more about me and my blog at the bottom of this post!

holiday, holidays, holiday tips, tips for the holidays, christmas tips, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving tips, christmas

Have fun with your responsibilities

Don’t let the things that you have to get done bog down your holiday season. So many times I talk with people throughout the holidays that are so focused on what they need to do next, that they are completely overwhelmed and actually dread November and December! Don’t let that happen!!

As you are organizing all of the things that you need to get done, be open to trying new things and look for opportunities to make your chores and responsibilities fun! Allow your kids to help where they can (people will love your messily-iced cake when you tell them your toddler helped make it), try new recipes, and focus on making things fun. Play loud music, buy a cute apron, burn seasonal candles–whatever makes you really feel “in the spirit.”

You can also have little get-togethers with your closest friends and family, all working together towards a great final product! For example, if you are responsible for making all of the desserts for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, have a “baking” party with your friends and make a large task into something fun!

Make lists (and check them twice…)

See what I did there? In many different facets of life, one thing that can help you stay as organized as possible is lists! For some people, lists aren’t how they get things done efficiently, but I am a firm believer that they truly do help! I have lists for pretty much everything and things that need to get done during the holidays are no exception! Make separate lists for each thing and organize them by how quickly they need to get done. Then, you can tackle a few things a day, stay organized, and not let yourself get overwhelmed!!

Accept help!

As things start getting busy, it will be really tempting to try to get everything done yourself, but don’t get caught up in the need to have control! When you try to handle everything yourself, you are just going to become frustrated and your holiday “duties” will be something you dread rather than something to look forward to! When your to-do list starts to grow, ask your spouse, family members, or friends to help you out! I really struggle with this, but try writing out lists for each person in your family–there’s nothing like crossing things off to make you feel accomplished!

Don’t be afraid to choose what is best for your family when it comes to making plans and set new traditions

This one is really tough and can be kind of touchy for some people. I know that it is often hard to break traditions that have been in place your whole life, but as you get older and have your own family, change is inevitable. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about what will work best for your family (while being mindful of others, of course) and encourage your family to make a few new traditions that will work better with the newly developing families! You don’t want to dread the holiday season because of uncomfortable traveling, etc., so work with your family to figure out something that works well for everyone!!

This year, we will not be staying over at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve for the first time ever! It has always been a really fun time to spend with my family and I will always love the memories I have of waking up with all of my siblings (and our kids) under one roof, but this year it was going to far too difficult. For my husband and I, it is really important to establish traditions of our own that our son, Eli, will grow up loving, so we have changed things a bit to still be able to celebrate with my family while also having our own Christmas morning with our son!

Remember to pause

Above everything else, don’t forget the true beauty that is hidden amongst the stress of the holiday season. Appreciate the anticipation, love, and joy that floats through the air during the months of November and December. Take a moment to step back during all of the cooking, shopping, and family time to really find the blessings in your life! Some of my best memories are made during Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s so important to soak in everything! Take pictures, laugh, sing, and enjoy yourself! This amazing time of year will be gone again before you know it!

Do you have tips for reducing stress during the holidays? Share them in the comments!

More about Hayley:

Hayley, the writer behind A Beautiful Exchange Blog is a mom of one (and one on the way) based out of North Carolina! Fueled by her love for Jesus, the blog is a compilation of many interests, all geared towards inspiring and encouraging other women. She shares her story, parenting journeys, blogging tips, and favorite outfits! A Beautiful Exchange is rooted in the belief that we all have beautiful and unique stories that are worth telling.

Stop by and say hello!

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Cranberry Orange Muffins & What I Wear At Home

There’s something about cold weather that really puts me in the mood to bake. When it’s stormy and miserable outside, baking is my default activity. It’s something I love to do anyway, but the experience is made that much sweeter by the fact that Joshua loves to help in the kitchen. I love listening to him count the cups of flour as we measure them into the bowl and how proud of himself he is when he helps me scoop muffin batter into greased muffin tins. Of course, the best part of our baking endeavors is sharing our treats with each other when that oven timer dings.

Perfect, moist Cranberry Orange Muffins with orange glaze. Sweet and tart at the same time.

Cranberry orange muffins are hands down my absolute favorite kind of muffin. I love the tartness of the cranberries combining with the sweetness of the oranges. And oh my, the aroma they put off while they’re baking. It’s the epitome of holiday season smells.


I usually will make my cranberry orange muffins using dried cranberries–fresh cranberries are a bit too tart for my tastes and I think they weigh the muffins down too much with the amount of juice they let out. I just give my dried cranberries a 5 minute soaking in some hot water to plump them up a bit. You can use them un-soaked though–it’s just a personal preference of mine to let them rehydrate a bit.

cranberryorange02 cranberryorange03 cranberryorange04

Joshua’s favorite part of making these muffins with me was helping me use the Microplane to zest the oranges. He thought it was really cool to watch the skin scrape off against the blade. I thought it was really cute the way he kept deeply inhaling the scent and saying, “Zest, zest!” over and over again.


When I’m home with Joshua, I really just like to be comfortable. Especially when we’re baking. I’ll opt for leggings over jeans, a loose fitting shirt, and a cardigan if it’s cold. My hair is pretty much always pulled off my face in some way–usually a side fishtail braid. I like to opt for the fishtail instead of a standard braid because the fishtail gives my hair really pretty texture for the next day. Plus it’s just a little bit more chic.


Cardigan: Target
Top: American Eagle
Leggings: Agnes & Dora


Before I get on with the recipe, I have to direct your attention to my sweet friend Jaelan! She’s also sharing a cozy, “bake all day” type of post with a behind the scenes glimpse of what she wears at home. Plus, she has a recipe for some killer sugar cookies.


Don’t those cookies look crazy professional? I want one super bad.

Cranberry Orange Muffins

Cranberry Orange Muffins

makes 1 dozen

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
Grated zest of 1 orange
1 egg
4 Tbs. (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted,
1/2 cup whole milk
1/2 cup orange juice (strain if it has pulp)
1 1/2 cups dried cranberries

Preheat the oven to 375° F.

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, and orange zest. In another bowl, whisk together the egg, butter, milk, and orange juice. Add the liquid mixture to the flour and gently mix with a wooden spoon to combine. When mixture is almost combined, add the cranberries and gently stir. Do not over mix.

Divide the batter into a greased muffin tin. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean. Cool, and drizzle with orange glaze (recipe below)

Orange Glaze
1/2 cup powdered sugar
zest of one orange
2-3 TBS orange juice

Whisk together and drizzle over cooled muffins.

Enjoy! :)

What do you wear at home? What’s your favorite thing to bake?

Maximizing Your Wardrobe

One thing I think all of us ladies worry about fairly incessantly is our wardrobe. There’s always a lot of pressure to dress a certain way, follow new trends, etc. But on top of that, we all have our own personal sense of style. We want our wardrobes to be extensions of our personalities–just one more little indicator to other’s that we are unique. I think if we all had unlimited funds, building wardrobes that we absolutely love would be simple. Most of us are on pretty tight clothing budgets though, so it pays to really know how to maximize what you already have and how to buy things that will mesh with what you currently own. Maximizing my wardrobe has been on my brain a lot with the creation of The Creative Closet earlier this year, and it’s been on Meghan’s brain a lot since she decided to dress from a capsule wardrobe. Today the two of us are giving you our best tips for maximizing your wardrobe!

Practical tips for maximizing your wardrobe

First things first: I think there are a few items that are absolutely essential for every woman to own. Feel free to disagree with me, but I think these pieces are the foundation of any great, re-mixable wardrobe.

A little black dress: I hope I don’t have to defend myself here. At some point in your life, you’re going to need to dress up for something–a nicer dinner, a work function–something. Get yourself a black an LBD that flatters your body type. I like to opt for something really simple that can easily be dressed down with flats, a cardigan and a scarf or some simple jewelry, or dressed up with heels, statement jewelry, and a chic updo.

A collared button down: a piece like this will forever be a classic, and in a neutral color like white or cream, the outfit possibilities are endless.

A black or dark grey pencil skirt: pencil skirts are the perfect, polished wardrobe workhorse. Black or dark grey gives you the ability to pair it with practically any top you own.

A blazer:  I prefer something in between fitted and oversized–this makes it a lot easier to work into lots of different outfits.

Nude heels: Self explanatory. They go with everything.

Cardigans: These are your layering machines! Cardigans are essential for maximizing your wardrobe because they allow you to transition your spring and summer wardrobe seamlessly through fall and winter. Plus, cardigans are excellent for making things that seem inherently dressy a touch more dressed down. Like that LBD we mentioned earlier.

Now that we’ve established some basic building blocks of a easy to work from closet, I’m going to let Meghan take you through a few more tips that will help you make the most out of your wardrobe:

Having been in a capsule wardrobe (meaning working with a limited amount of clothing pieces) for the better part of the past three months, I’ve been seeking out ways to reinvent the pieces I’ve been investing in. These are some of the tricks I’ve employed to keep this particular dress going from summer into these winter-type temperatures that have already been converging upon the South.


1. Accessories:: shoes, scarves, belts, jewelry– these are great and inexpensive ways to remix the investment pieces that can be transitioned from season to season. Scarves are one of my favorites since they add color or pattern and come in all different weights. There are scarves that work for all the seasons.


2. Layers:: jackets, cardigans, leggings– these are the things that carry the dress into much cooler temperatures. Though my winter outfit won’t work for snow-on-the-ground winter, it would be easy to add a heavy wool car coat or even a puffer over the winter outfit to make it better for much cooler temperatures.

3. Neutrals:: By purchasing your investment pieces in neutral colors, for example a navy or a cream, it makes them fairly seasonless. Not to say that you don’t want fun patterned dresses in the mix, but those pieces are harder to switch up the accessories and layers with.

How do you maximize your wardrobe? What are some of your wardrobe staples?

Making Our Lives Inspiring | Early August

With the weather turning so cold outside, a lot of my focus has shifted inward–a greater focus on the goings on inside my home and a greater focus on myself. I’ve been more aware of the things that pervade our family’s space, the environment I’m creating for us. Spending more time in doors has forced me to really take stock of what I’m surrounding myself with and making sure that those are the things that are going to bring me and my family happiness.


Bracelets c/o Early August
Shirt c/o Pink Blush

I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with things that are beautiful and useful–those are the kinds of things that create warmth and happiness. For me, it’s the little details in my home and my belongings that make the biggest difference. Having happy, inspiring prints by my desk space keeps me motivated and energized while I’m working. The aroma of essential oils wafting through the air from my diffuser makes our home more pleasant. Handmade gifts and trinkets on our shelves and the patchwork quilt on our couch that was made with so much care by Dustin’s grandmother brings love and joy into our surroundings.


While I’m not a big believer in “more things = greater happiness,” I do believe that the little details of our lives matter and are often the things that make or break our happiness. So pay attention to what you have and what you surround yourself with and make those things worthwhile.

Handmade goods are something I nearly always find worthwhile and make space for in my life because they tell a story. They’re more alive than something you buy off a shelf that was made in a factory. I love these bracelets from Early August because they tell the story of Alisha who puts so much love and life into her handmade pieces and into her business. Her passion and drive inspires me every time I see these bracelets on my wrist.


Here are a few more pieces from Early August that I find inspiring. I love the tribal beaded bracelet–wouldn’t it be the perfect pop of color to a crisp, white outfit? Check out the shop and see what inspires you!


What things do you surround yourself with? What inspires you or makes you happy?

The Creative Closet | Cute & Cozy

Is it freezing cold where you are too? Holy cow, it is cold here in Utah! At the beginning of the month we had a warm period where it was still getting into the 60s during the day–practically t-shirt weather. Then suddenly, BAM! 27 degrees during the day. Time to bust out the sweaters and coats.


I’m particularly in love with Maegen’s take on our theme this week! Nothing like cozying up at home! We’re excited to have the fabulous Elizabeth from Oak and Oats co-hosting with us this week too! :)

So, it was 24º when I shot my photos–oh my gosh, I was SO cold. I’m going to have to find a good indoor location to shoot. If I can find a good backdrop, like maybe a cute room divider that I can fold up when I’m not using it, I can probably just shoot by the big window I take all my food photography by…I’ll have to work on that. Where does one even buy a room divider? Is that even the right term? Is it called a partition? I don’t even know.

cutecozy02 cutecozy03 cutecozy04 cutecozy05

Coat: c/o Oasap
Sweater: c/o Oasap
Skirt: c/o Oasap
Tights: Target
Booties: similar
Belt: Target

I won’t lie, I had kind of  a hard time mustering up any kind of good expression during these photos. I was just too darn cold. So sorry if I look super grumpy.

What cute and cozy things have you been wearing?

Join us next week for Just Add a Belt, and stay tuned for December’s Creative Closet prompts!

The Creative Closet prompts November 2014

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The Creative Closet

Your turn! :)

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How Pretty Nails Can Change a Family’s Life | Jamberry Nails for a Cause

Here’s an interesting tidbit about me–I hate painting my fingernails. In fact, I really never do. I used to in high school (but it was always a pain, I sucked at it, and they always chipped so fast!). When I was in culinary school and working in restaurants, though, I wasn’t allowed to have painted nails–it’s a potential sanitation hazard. So I always wore my nails short and unpainted.

Jamberry Nails for a Cause | Nail Art,

The girly side of me though, loves the fun nail art ideas I find while browsing through Pinterest. Only problem is #aintnobodygottimeforthat and I don’t have the skills for that. If you follow me on Instagram you might have caught that I recently tried Jamberry Nails and loved them. For so many reasons. 1) It literally took me 30 seconds to put each nail on. 2) I don’t have to wait for them to dry. 3) I’ve been wearing them for days and they haven’t chipped at all. 4) The patterns are so. stinkin’. cute.


I used the Black & White Chevron on my ring fingers and painted the rest of my nails using OPI Earple Purple. You can see the painted nails have started to chip a bit at the top whereas the Jamberry nails are perfect. This is after 5 days of wear. 

Oh, so the title of this blog post. You might be wondering how pretty nails can change a family’s life. Well, I’m so glad you asked. I’ve teamed up with Jamberry consultant Emily Coe to host a Jamberry event to benefit one of my all time favorite causes: Heifer International.  If you haven’t heard of it before, Heifer International is an organization that uses donations to give livestock animals to impoverished families in developing countries. The reason this is so awesome is this: a livestock animal such as goat is given to a family. Suddenly, this family has a an animal that they can use to not only provide themselves with nourishment from the milk, but they can also sell the milk for a profit. The best part is, the core model of Heifer International is Passing On the Gift. This means that the family will give the first female offspring of their animal to another family–thus continuing the cycle of self-reliance. Isn’t that fantastic?

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 4.38.35 PM

image via 

So how can you help? Shop Jamberry Nails using this link and select “Jana’s Jamberry Nails for a Cause Party” at checkout. Once that’s done, 10% of your purchase will go to Heifer International, with our Jamberry consultant Emily, matching that 10%. Jamberry nails make a perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers, so you can use this opportunity to get lots of your holiday shopping done and benefit an amazing cause.

My goal for this Jamberry event is to be able to raise enough money to buy a family a goat–that costs $120. That means that if 40 people purchase just 1 sheet of Jamberry Nails, we can buy a goat for an impoverished family and change their lives and the lives of their community members forever. So what do you think–can we do it?

If you need a little help narrowing your pattern choices down, here are some of my favorites:


Birds in Paradise // Metallic Gold Pinstripe // Skinny Pink
Seascape // Fresh Fern // Vintage Chic
Venus // Arrow // Orchid Ombre
Champagne Toast // Cup of Tea //  Rose Gold Sparkle 

Another fun way you can shop and participate is to join our “live” Facebook event (event is pinned to the top–just click “join”) next Monday, the 24th at 7 pm MST. The first 20 people to “join” will be entered into a drawing for a half sheet of wraps. There will also be a shopping special that night and Emily and I will be online to chat and she’ll show us some fun nail designs. It will be a blast, and such a fun way for me to get to know you better as well! Can’t wait to “see” you there! :)

Thank you so much for helping me benefit this awesome cause! Together, we really can change a family’s life…and have super cute nails at the same time. That’s what I call a major win-win.

Have you ever tried Jamberry nails?

How to Parent Littles When You’re Sick

With cold and flu season in full swing, I’ve found myself down and out once or twice with a cold or a fever. Being a mom while you’re sick is an absolute nightmare, but it’s something that still has to be done! There are a few things you can do to make the stress of being a parent lighter while you’re trying to rest and recover. My sweet friend Courtney is here to share her tricks for staying on top of motherhood and taking care of your little ones even when you feel like death warmed over. Go for it girl! :)

Hi there, Life Could Be A Dream readers! My name is Courtney and I blog over at A + Life. I live in Joplin, MO with my husband of (almost) 8 years, Jim, and our 4 year old daughter, Abigail. I’m a stay at home mama now, but I was a hair stylist for 5 years before that! We started homeschool preschool this fall and recently announced that Spena Baby #2 is on the way after 3+ years of dealing with Secondary Infertility.

To say that we are over the moon ecstatic about this new little baby would basically be the understatement of the century. That being said, it hasn’t been easy growing another little one! I’m obviously tired, nauseated, and vomiting. I’m trying my best(without meds) to treat my symptoms and make myself as comfortable as possible…..and while that’s all well and good, I have a 4 year old little lady who needs my 100% all day while Daddy is at work, and well, that can be challenging! I’m 12 weeks now, so I’m hoping and praying that we’re reaching the light at the end of the first trimester tunnel.

Since this is all fresh in my mind, I thought I’d take a little bit to share how I’m surviving over here. And how you can too!

Set low expectations

My goal for a day? Keep Abigail and myself fed.There, I said it. Whew. And guess what? I’ve made my goal every single day! Go team! Anything extra is just gravy(ew. Why did I mention gravy?)

Eat what you can

I can’t tell you how many times in the last two months we have eaten out for lunch. If I don’t have to prepare it, I can usually handle it (though that wasn’t the case when I was pregnant with Abigail!). We’ve had many a windows rolled down Sonic car picnic(in our pajamas) just to get some food into both of us(apple slices and slushies for the win!) Other days, I’ve been able to manage whipping up a peanut butter sandwich, toss a banana and some crackers on her plate, and call it a win.

Don’t fear technology

Technology is great. It’s our future. You can learn so much from it. Plus, it’s really great to lay in bed together and watch Daniel Tiger together or play a game on the iPad. Did I mention we get to lay in bed? Yeah, that.

Read, read, read

Keep stacks of books all around the house. I’ve found that it’s hard for me to play like I usually do, but we can keep ourselves entertained for hours reading books together. She currently LOVES the Berenstain Bear series, which is great, because they’re a great length for reading for a while.

Give yourself GRACE

I’ve had to remind myself of this over and over and over. Because, uh, did you read the previous four points? That’s some pretty bleak stuff right there. But! The good news is that it doesn’t last forever. At the most, 40 weeks ;) Eventually you will feel healthy and normal again and regularly scheduled programming will resume, but until then, hang in there. You’re doing important work :)

What are some ways you get through the day when you aren’t feeling well?