How I Afford J.Crew on a Budget

I’ve said it before: I’m definitely the type of person whose clothing philosophy is to buy fewer, higher quality items that I love and will last me a long time rather than having a closet full of cheap stuff I only sort of like. I’m a big fan of J.Crew, but I’m also a fan of a bargain. I’m so excited to have my sweet friend Chelsea share how she affords shopping at J.Crew on a budget–she has an incredible sense of style and an eye for a good deal! 

Hello! I’m so excited to be guest posting today for Life Could Be A Dream. A quick introduction before I dive into one of my favorite topics. My name is Chelsea, and I blog at Arrows & Apricots with my friend Shawna. We both have a love for fashion, decorating, and crafting. Our blog is a little space on the internet where we can share our outfits and a good deal, which now brings me to the topic of today’s post: how I afford J.Crew on a budget. My family and friends can all vouch for me when I say that I LOVE J.Crew. A good chunk of my wardrobe is made up of pieces from J.Crew from the past few years, and you would never be able to tell when I purchased them because they are still in great condition. So how do I afford it exactly? Let me tell you my secrets!

7 great tips for affording J.Crew on a budget.

1. Sign up for e-mails.

Now, before you roll your eyes and skip this step-there is a reason that I’ve put it as my number 1 secret. J.Crew does flash sales. Especially around holidays. They will also have private sales for email subscribers only. So make sure you sign up and watch your inbox for them.

2. J.Crew Factory.

Basically it speaks for itself. J.Crew Factory has the best sales, and the clothing and accessories are still classics.

3. Purchase in store if you can.

Stores have to meet a certain sale quota, so they will offer free shipping on your purchase if you can’t find your size in stores. Stores will also typically price match as well.

4. Use a student ID.

Students and teachers receive 15% in stores, so always make sure to have your student ID handy! Don’t have a student ID? Find a friend or family member that does and shamelessly use them for the 15% discount and pay them back.

5. Never purchase anything full price.

J.Crew is always running sales. I am 99% confident that I can say I have never bought anything full price from J.Crew. Ever. And typically the items are 30-60% off PLUS I use the 15% student discount.

6. Purchase at the end of seasons.

Items like solid colored sweaters or button down shirts are classics. Make sure to purchase items like these at the end of the season because they will be put on the clearance section. I live for the clearance section. Especially when it’s 60% off plus an additional 40-50% off. Can I get a hallelujah?! About 3 years ago, I went into J.Crew Factory and saw there was a huge sale going on (it was the end of summer). There on the big long table was a line up of all of their pixie jeans! The store was 50% off, and then I used my student ID to get an additional 15% off. I ended up paying around $75 for 3 pairs of jeans. They still look brand new. **fist pump**

7. Build a relationship with a personal stylist.

I left this tip for last because sometimes that can be difficult. I had a friend that worked at J.Crew for awhile, and always knew when the good sales were about to happen. When you build a relationship with one of the J.Crew personal stylists, they will sometimes save your size on a newly marked down item so it doesn’t sell out. Bless their well dressed heart

I hope these 7 tips helped you out! Want more of me? You can follow me over at Arrows & Apricots! xox

 photo ChelseaSignature_zps7075414d.png

Spinach & Ricotta Chicken Rollatini

Few things bring me as much joy as making a dish that is delicious and easy, but seems really difficult and impressive. As much as cooking is one of my greatest passions, because I’m a mom, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to slaving away over really fancy meals every night. So when my desire to make something special and my need to have dinner wrapped up in 30 minutes meet in a dish, that’s a definite win in my book. This Spinach and Ricotta Chicken Rollatini really fits the bill for easy to make, delicious, and impressive. It’s a dinner my husband was thrilled to eat and I was happy to serve him. :)

Chicken rollatini is an easy meal to make, but it would fool anyone into thinking you slaved away on dinner!

My favorite thing about this dish is the Paremsan-Panko bread crumb crust. You can definitely leave it off to save time, or to make this dish gluten free, but I love having that crunch with the tender chicken and the creamy filling. It’s the perfect combination of textures.


Like I said, although this dish looks difficult and impressive, it’s not hard. Just season the chicken and spread the filling on one side…


…roll it up and secure with a toothpick…


…then bread it and put it into the oven to bake!


Breading chicken (or anything!) is easy and really elevates a dish when done properly. After seasoning the chicken with salt and pepper, dredge it in flour. Next up, a swim in a milk and egg mixture. After that, a quick roll in the bread crumbs! A little tip: keep one hand for the dry parts and one hand for the wet–otherwise you’ll end up seriously breading your fingers as well. For example: dredge the chicken in your flour with your left hand, then place it in the egg wash. Turn it over with your right hand, then place it in the bread crumbs. Use your left hand to scatter bread crumbs over the top of the chicken, then roll and press more breadcrumbs into the chicken.


Are you ready? Let’s do it!


Spinach & Ricotta Chicken Rollatini

serves 4

2 large chicken breasts, split in half crosswise
1 cup finely chopped spinach
3/4 cup ricotta cheese
1 clove garlic, minced (see mincing tutorial here)
1/2 TBS freshly chopped basil
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
zest of one lemon
1 cup flour
2 eggs
3/4 cup milk
1 cup Panko bread crumbs
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
cooking spray, or olive oil in a Misto or glass spray bottle

Preheat the oven to 400ºF.

In a small bowl, combine the spinach, ricotta, garlic, basil, salt, pepper, and lemon zest.

Set up your breading station by adding the flour to one container, whisk the eggs and milk into a separate container, and add the bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese to a third container. Set a parchment lined baking sheet at the end of this assembly line.

Season both sides of your chicken with salt and pepper. Spread a thin layer of the ricotta mixture on one side of each piece of chicken. Roll up each piece of chicken and secure with a toothpick.

Next, dredge the chicken rolls in the flour. Then coat them with the egg mixture. Finally, roll them in the bread crumb and cheese mixture to coat. Place on the baking sheet. Press any additional bread crumbs on top of each chicken roll and spray with cooking spray. Place in the oven. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until breading is golden brown and chicken is cooked through (the juices will run clear and the chicken will feel firm).



 What is your favorite way to have chicken?

Growing Baby Number 2 | 30 Weeks

I saw a conversation on Twitter this week that talked about sharing your pregnancy via your blog or social media. Someone mentioned they think pregnancy is too personal to be shared on the internet. Someone else mentioned they get annoyed by weekly updates. While I can definitely see where they’re coming from, I feel like I should say that first and foremost, I post these bi-weekly updates for me. I was not great about documenting my pregnancy with Joshua and looking back, I would LOVE to be able to know what I was thinking week by week, or how I looked at each stage in my pregnancy with him. Hence the regular updates this time around. It’s fine with me if you don’t care what my symptoms have been, or what my bump looks like, or what I’ve been wearing this pregnancy. But if I don’t document it here, it’s not getting documented anywhere. So bear with me as I finish these last few weeks of pregnancy updates! :)


Baby’s Size: about 15.7 inches–the size of a cabbage

Emotions: Queue the waterworks! By the time Dustin gets home from work I’m exhausted and my emotions are just all over the place. I cry for no reason and little tiny things put me over the edge. On Saturday, for instance, I tripped over something Joshua had left on the floor and even though I caught myself and wasn’t hurt, I started bawling. At night you can usually find me curled up on the couch with my laptop watching Netflix because I’m too emotionally exhausted to deal with anything else.

I’ve mentioned what a compassionate little guy Joshua is, and that certainly hasn’t changed. When I’m crying, he’ll come up to me and say, “Mommy sad?” then point to himself and say, “Sad, too.” Then he gives me a hug and asks, “Happy, now?” I tell you, that boy is just the light of my life. :)


I’ve also been feeling more nervous about being a mom of two. I sometimes wonder if I’m really capable of loving another baby as much as I love Joshua–especially because I know that adjusting to a new sibling is going to be a little frustrating for him at times. Since he’s been my focus and the keeper of my mommy heart for almost 3 years, I wonder if anything that adversely affects him is going to make me feel bothered? I’m sure when Little Miss actually gets here and I have a chance to bond with her like I have with Joshua I won’t feel so worried about it, but for now, I’m having normal pre-mom-of-two jitters.

Symptoms: Heartburn and fatigue. I had pretty decent amounts of energy during the 2nd trimester, but it’s almost as if my body flipped a switch at 29 weeks, because MAN I am tired! It definitely makes caring for Joshua a little harder. I’ve had to get more creative with activities we can do at home while sitting down so we’ve been doing a lot of painting, coloring, and playing with stickers. Thank goodness for stickers. :)


Top: thrifted
Cardigan & pants: c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Wedges: similar
Bracelet: Le Tote

Planning: Some fun collaborations with my favorite small businesses for babies and kids! I’m so excited to share them with you in the near future! :)

What’s new for you this week? 

5 Tips for Making Date Night a Priority

I’ve admitted this once, and I’ll admit it again–sometimes we totally suck at date night. It’s not because Dustin and I don’t understand the importance of continuing to date each other in our marriage, but because we let other things become more important/take more of a priority than our time together. Every so often, I have to remind myself that I have to be intentional about date night–that I have to make it a priority in our marriage if I want our relationship to be strong and happy.

Making date night a priority

I’m excited to team up with Elizabeth of Elizabeth Loves today to share what helps us make date night a priority. Elizabeth is one of those bloggers that inspires me to do better in my marriage because she makes it clear that it’s a focus in her life–in fact, being intentional about dating her husband is one of her main focuses for the year!

I’ll let Elizabeth kick things off! :)

Elizabeth: Schedule date night in advance.

One thing I’ve noticed that a lot of couples struggle with is finding the time for a date night.  We did too! That is until we decided to schedule it out. Now at the beginning of each month, the husband and I look at our schedules and decide together which day works best for us. We add it to our calendars and–presto–date night scheduled. Of course, schedules change so sometimes we have to be flexible and change things around a little; but, I love having an actual date to look forward to and plan.

Jana: Budget for it!

I think this goes hand in hand with scheduling date night in advance–it’s so much easier for us to plan fun date nights if we’ve specifically set aside money in our budget for dates. We usually set aside $40-$50 each month for dates. Then we plan for a $20 date (usually eating out), two dates that are $10 or less, and a free/at home date.

Elizabeth: Think outside of the box

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what you’re going to do! That leads to the inevitable dinner and a movie fallback…or just staying at home and watching Netflix (at least for us, it does). Make a list with your spouse of all the places you’d like to go or things you’d like to do in the area. Browse Pinterest for at-home dates or out and about ideas (this one was a big hit in our house).

Jana: Schedule your babysitters for the month

The biggest hurdle we run into with date night is making sure we have someone to watch Joshua while we’re out. Sometimes we’ll have a fun idea for a last minute date and when we call our go-to babysitter (Dustin’s sister) we find out that someone else beat us to scheduling her for the night. However, if at the beginning of the month we let her know that we are planning on going out certain nights, we have our babysitter locked down and nothing is standing in our way.


Another thing that has worked for some of our friends is to do date night swaps with other couples–one couple goes out on Friday night and leaves their kids with the other couple, and they switch for Saturday. Do what works for you, but get that child care squared away ASAP!

Elizabeth: Remember that it’s important

Date nights are the perfect chance to build memories with your spouse–to relax and just have fun together. When it comes down to it, the best thing to help make date night a priority is just realizing you have to make it a priority!

Jana: Remember to adapt

As I think back over our almost 4 years of marriage, I realize that we’ve had to change up our dating strategy almost yearly as our lives have changed. When we were newlyweds, it was easy to say that every Friday night was date night, or even just be spontaneous about dating. When Joshua was an infant, we either had to take him with us on our dates, or plan shorter dates around his feeding schedule so I could be home in time to nurse him. When Dustin finishes training at his job and starts his new shift in June (right when I’m due!) we’ll have to change our strategy again.

If you find that what used to work for making date night a priority isn’t really helping anymore, sit down with your spouse and figure it out! Maybe Tuesday night is going to have to be your new date night, or maybe you’ll need to meet for lunch dates for a while instead of dinner. Life changes, and your planning will have to change as well.

How do you make date night a priority? What kinds of things usually get in your way when you’re trying to plan?

The Creative Closet | Favorite Denim

Denim is a staple in the American wardrobe. Obviously, we love our jeans. I’m so thrilled that denim jackets are back in style too! I had a denim jacket in the 8th grade that I absolutely loved and I was sad to pack it away when denim jackets went out of style. I’m wishing I had hung on to it because it was such a great piece–a true closet workhorse.


Thankfully, LE TOTE came through for me as usual! LE TOTE introduced an awesome new feature that allows you to customize your tote before it gets sent to you! You can view the tote your stylist put together for you and swap out any pieces you want before finalizing and giving them the okay to ship it. When I saw my stylist was going to send me a denim jacket that was similar to the one I loved in jr. high, I swapped out a few of the other items to create this outfit. I’m LOVING this new feature of LE TOTE! It makes fashion blogging even easier than it did before.

The Creative Closet | Favorite Denim

I’m in love the the sweet lace and the girly details Amanda used to play up her favorite denim. And Jaelan is the epitome of cool with her laid back play on her classic denim shirt!

I think I’ve decided I need to keep these red leggings. They’re super comfy, and even though they’re meant for normal wear they obviously work for maternity as well. I think everyone needs a bright pair of statement pants like these. They make me feel cool. :)

denim02 denim04 denim07denim08

Jacket, leggings, bracelet, necklace: all from LE TOTE
T-shirt: Target
Flats: Payless

I’m so excited for next week’s prompt, Swooning for Stripes! Stripes are such a classic pattern and they find their way into my outfits on the regular. I’m excited to see how you work stripes into yours!

The Creative Closet March prompts

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The Creative Closet

I can’t wait to see your favorite denim! Hit me with it! :)

Oh, P.S. I’m also linking this post up to Trend Spin. The prompt for this week’s Trend Spin post is Denim, so you should link your post up over there as well! :)

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Beating Social Media Comparison

Comparison. It can be an icky thing. Negatively comparing myself to others is something I struggle with as a woman–I’m betting you probably identify with that statement. There are times when I can scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and feel completely fine. Other times I get way too caught up in the fact that so-and-so got 72 likes on her photo in 4 minutes, while I’ve only gotten 49 total on a photo I posted hours ago. It’s silly, but sometimes I sit there and wonder, “Why don’t they like me?” when my photos/status updates/tweets don’t get as much hype as I hope.

4 things you should remember to help you beat social media comparison

But truly, those thoughts are useless to me–they get me nowhere. In the past little while I’ve been specifically trying to divert my focus from the comparative nature of social media–it’s something I’ve been praying for help with, even. I’ve drawn some conclusions that have been helpful to me and have made me feel a lot happier while still being involved in this social media game–because I can’t avoid social media. It’s pretty essential to blogging. Since I can’t change social media, I had to change my attitude.

Remember your mission statement

Do you have a mission statement for your blog? If you don’t, you should write one. Rachel from Oh Simple Thoughts has an awesome post on writing a blog mission statement that can help you with that. When I think about the mission statement for my blog, I’m reminded that my whole purpose in sharing myself on my blog and on social media is to inspire others to pursue their God-given talents, while at the same time developing mine and following my passions. Nothing about that says my home needs to be picture perfect. Nothing about that states reaching any sort of quota for the engagement on my social media posts. My mission statement helps me remember why I’m doing what I do and what is truly important.

So revisit your mission statement. What does it say? Chances are, “Become Instagram famous” isn’t a part of it.

Know the worth of your influence

Whether you have 100 followers or 100,000, you have a sphere of influence. You have the power to change someone’s life with what you share on social media–even if you positively influence just one person, you’ve done an incredible thing! If you have bettered one person’s life, whether they were inspired by a quote you shared or your recipe gave them the courage to try something new in the kitchen, you have made an impact in the world that day.

Unfollow if necessary.

Is there a specific account you follow that consistently leaves you feeling jealous, even if it’s just a little bit? Unfollow that account, even if it’s an account you love following. Feeding jealousy isn’t healthy, and it almost always results in bitter feelings towards whomever the account owner happens to be.

Trust me, I have personal experience with this! I followed someone on social media for a long time that I ended up needing to unfollow because I consistently felt like I didn’t measure up to her. Even though I loved her feed, the inspiration I was getting was so clouded by, “Why can’t I do that as well as she can?” It had to stop! So I unfollowed her for a while and took some time to think and pray through the situation and get over my jealousy. Now, it’s not a problem, and I can happily like her photos without feeling inadequate in any way.

Cut down your social media scrolling.

When you have a few minutes of down time, what is your default action? Too often, I find myself idly scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, just because I have a few minutes with nothing to do–whether I’m waiting in the car for someone, or waiting for my photos to upload from my camera to my computer. Being on social media that often isn’t fulfilling me in any way and it only puts myself in a position of discontent when I’m constantly bombarding myself with perfect images.

It’s been a hard habit to break, but I’ve been forcing myself to do other things with my down time. I’ve been reading a few verses of scripture from the app on my phone instead, or taking a second to write a note to my husband, or even jot down something I’ve been grateful for that day. Becoming less constantly attached to social media has helped me realize it’s not the most important thing in the world.

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to fighting social media comparison:

Remember that your worth has nothing to do with likes, followers, or repins. You are worth an infinite amount simply due to your relationship to a loving Heavenly Father and because you have a Savior who has unending compassion and mercy for you. You as a human being are precious, regardless of your internet status. So give yourself grace and don’t compare. You are worth so much more than that.

Do you fall into the comparison trap? What helps you out of it?

My Favorite Meals for When Dinner Needs to Happen in a Hurry

Wow, that’s a mouthful!

Too often dinnertime is rushed. Life happens and I need to feed my face and the face of my husband and kiddo in pretty short order. My budget doesn’t allow me a lot of convenience meals and I would much rather throw together a quick dinner made from real, whole foods anyway. There are a few dinners that are absolute go-to’s in my house and I wanted to share with you! Some are my own recipes, others are recipes from others that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.

Quick, easy dinner recipes for when dinner needs to happen in a hurry!

Grown Up Mac & Cheese


This one is on the table in 30 minutes or less, is packed with delicious veggies in a creamy cheese sauce, and best of all, you can use whatever veggies you have on hand that need to be used up. Actually, best of all it’s a one post meal, so that means less clean up afterwards.

Easy 15 Minute Lo Mein

Recipe from Damn Delicious

This recipe quickly became a favorite of ours–it takes hardly any time to make, but that short time still results in big flavor! I love how easy it is to customize so I can use up whatever veggies are in my fridge just dying to be eaten before they go bad!

Thai Coconut Soup


Open a few cans, chop a few veggies, add to the pot with some chicken or tofu. Cook for 20 minutes and you’re done! It’s a super satisfying, warming, and easy meal. Really easy on your wallet too!

Chicken Enchilada Pasta

Recipe from Budget Bytes. Photo used with permission. If you would like to pin this recipe, please visit the original source and pin from there. :)

Enchilada Chicken Pasta close

First, I love that this recipe is made using homemade enchilada sauce–that recipe has changed my life and I use it every time I make enchiladas, or this pasta of course! I love that I can make a very basic version of this with just the chicken, cheese, and pasta, or mix it up by adding beans, corn, green chile, peppers, etc. Sometimes we even make this with ground beef or turkey instead of chicken. Just as delicious. :)

Tomato Poached Eggs


This one gets made a lot at our house because it uses ingredients I always have on hand–eggs, tomato sauce, bread, cheese, and some sort of leafy green. It’s simple, quick, delicious, and hearty!

A few other quick favorites I don’t have recipes or photos for:

-Breakfast for dinner
-Loaded quesadillas (we add peppers, black beans, and corn to ours)
-Pizzadillas (tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, olives, and turkey pepperoni on a tortilla. Made like a quesadilla)

What are your favorite quick meals? What do you do to make meal prep simpler or faster?

5 Mom Confessions

Mom guilt, comparing yourself to other moms, insane mommy jealousy–if you have kids, you’ve probably experienced all of that. I know I have. It’s hard not to feel inadequate as a mother sometimes when I’m scrolling through Instagram and see perfectly styled and posed toddlers and babies, happy children doing creative sensory activities, or mom’s hugging their children and sharing sweet words about how motherhood is the absolute best ever. Especially if it’s on one of those days where being a mom has just been the worst.


I have to remind myself that these square cropped images are almost always the best of the best moments people experience–and who knows how many tries it took to get that photo? Motherhood is messy a lot of the time. It’s a rough and tumble, thinking on your feet, sometimes hanging on by your fingernails kind of gig. But that mess is also beautiful. That quick thinking is fulfilling. That hanging on for dear life sure makes for some strong emotional muscles.

I never, ever, ever want to give the impression that my life is perfect–especially in my mothering. Motherhood is too tough a job for us as mommies to go around comparing and feeling inadequate next to another mother. So I’m going to confess some things to you–this is me as a mom–as real as it gets.

1. My son watches TV. Daily.

I will never be one to say TV is evil and bad. Ever. In excess, sure. But I will never feel bad about the fact that I let my boy watch TV. It’s actually an integral part of our daily routine. Joshua wakes up, we eat breakfast together in our jammies, I get him dressed, I clean up the kitchen while he plays for a bit, and then he asks me, “Watch George, now?” At that point I hand over my phone and he snuggles up on his bed or mine for 23 uninterrupted minutes with his favorite little monkey and I get myself dressed and ready for the day.


And yes, I try my absolute hardest to make the rest of our day TV free. But some afternoons, I’m too tired to take my boy to the park. Some days I don’t want to come up with a craft for us to do. So I had over the phone and load Netflix on my computer too, and we sit next to each other watching separate shows until dad comes home.

And you know what? That TV time has made for some really interesting pretend play at our house, when Joshua tries to act out scenes from his favorite shows. :)

2. Sometimes we don’t leave the house

I’m talking not at all. Not even to get the mail. Or take out the garbage. Some days we are pajama or sweat pants clad all day (or the boy is wearing nothing but a diaper), hair is sticking out in all directions, Joshua has lunch still stuck to his face 3 hours later, and we just sit like hermits in our apartment. And sometimes all of this is coupled with the side by side TV watching I mentioned above.

3. I lose my temper

While I can happily say that the majority of the time I deal with Joshua’s two year old-ness in a patient and loving manner, sometimes I lose it. And I yell. And I cry. Occasionally, he gets a bum smacking. Sometimes he hits me and I hit him back. And he cries. And then I cry. And I apologize. And we make up. And the world didn’t end.

4. I bribe my kid

I often get comments at the grocery store about how well behaved my child is. You want to know why he’s so well behaved at the store? Because every time we go, mommy sits him in the shopping cart and says, “You’re going to sit in the cart and be happy and not whine. And because you do that, you get to choose a treat!” Joshua says, “Otay momma!” And once we get to the bulk section of our grocery store with no whining, Joshua watches gleefully as I put a scoop of his candy of choice in a little plastic bag and twist tie it off. He gets to hold his treat for the remainder of our shopping excursion, to remind him not to whine or complain. Those Swedish Fish are always the best $0.66 cents I spend that day.

5. I’m so flipping tired of playing “kitchen”

A lot of days, I can handle it when Joshua asks me, “Play kitchen now, otay?” I dutifully sit down and pretend to eat the same hot dog, chips, and watermelon that I had yesterday. Or possibly even an hour ago. I tell him how delicious the pretend cocktail of milk, chocolate milk, lemonade, and orange juice he made me is. I enthusiastically praise his culinary finesse when he flips his felt egg over in his plastic pan. Most days, I really enjoy this little routine of pretend play.


But sometimes Joshua asks me, “Play kitchen now, otay?” and I say, “Sorry kiddo. No can do. Let’s watch George instead.”

So here’s a question for you: While reading this, did any one of you think, “Holy smokes, you are a terrible mom for doing that”? Probably not. I don’t feel like a bad mom for any of that. And so if you find yourself in the same boat, I hope you remember that you’re not a bad mom either. And that we all give ourselves a little more grace when it comes to our mothering.

What are your mom confessions?


Praise this glorious Spring weather!! This past Friday it was so beautiful outside–sunshine, a light breeze, birds chirping–it was definitely one of those days where we had to go to the park. I did something spontaneous and started putting together a picnic dinner about 45 minutes before Dustin got home from work. When he got home, Joshua told him, “Go park! Feed duckies! Picnic!” and away we went!


My all-time favorite food to take on a picnic is stromboli–or basically pizza rolled up, then baked and sliced. I happened to have pizza dough in the fridge, as well as leftover marinara and some mushrooms, spinach, and pepperoni leftover from making my Italian Layered Salad that were just begging to be eaten. We also enjoyed red bell peppers (Joshua’s favorite!) and apple slices.

weekending01weekending04 weekending05weekending09

Joshua’s new thing he likes to do is hang onto daddy while he does pullups….:)

weekending06 weekending07

Top: Le Tote
Necklaces: Rocksbox (use the code janaxoxo to try your first month for free!)
Sunnies: c/o Subsidy Shades (your purchase helps support a family who wants to adopt!)
Picnic Blanket: c/o FairThread
Joshua’s backpack: Rowdy River

What do you love to do with your family when the weather warms up?

The Creative Closet | You Can’t Pinch Me!

Before we get into The Creative Closet, were you the winner of the Savvy Curls giveaway? If not, you can still use the code “savvyc1″ to get $2 off you order and get perfect no-heat curls every time. :)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of the holiday, today’s Creative Closet prompt is all about the color green and how you worked it into an outfit.

Green and florals–love a kimono with a loose top for maternity style!

Green is a color I don’t have a ton of in my closet–this green top was actually the last green thing I own that I hadn’t already used in a style post! I’m glad I happened to have it hanging in my closet right next to my floral kimono, otherwise I may not have made the connection that they would be great paired together! I think the kimono definitely makes the outfit–without it, this wouldn’t be anything to write home about.


I’m loving the simple, perfect way Amanda added a pop of green to her outfit with her gorgeous necklace! And man alive, Bridgette is beyond rocking that dress! I think I need to steal her shoes too….;)

Also, can we talk about hair trends I’m loving? I am all about braids lately! I mean, as are a lot of people…it’s the trendy hair thing right now. I’m obsessed with watching Barefoot Blonde’s tutorials, as well as Annie’s Forget Me Knots, and Missy Sue. Daily hair inspiration right there. :)

youcantpinchme02 youcantpinchme03 youcantpinchme04 youcantpinchme06 youcantpinchme08

Top: a hand-me-down
Kimono: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (sold out, but I love this one too!)  
: c/o Pink Blush Maternity

Necklace: Rocksbox (use the code janaxoxo at checkout to get your first month free!)
Bracelets: c/o Early August
Flats: Payless
Sunnies: Old Prada

Do you have a pair of jeans that makes you feel like a million bucks? Or an incredible denim vest or jacket that you wear with everything? Join us next week for My Favorite Denim! 

The Creative Closet March prompts

Please remember that this is a fashion link up and posts that you link up should be relevant to the topic for the week! Also, please link back to my post or Amanda’s to let people know you are joining us for The Creative Closet. Alternately, you can share the button in your post or on your sidebar.

The Creative Closet

That’s all from me! Prove to me that I can’t pinch you today by linking up your green look below! :)

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